NONOX Ltd: emulsion fuel with no surfactants

Utility Emulsion Combustion Units ECU

Nonox Emulsion Fuel System for Boilers
  • U 50/75
  • U 75/120
  • U 120/240
  • U 240/500
  • U 500/1000
  • U 1000/2000
  • U 2000UP
Pollution Reduction
NOx - Typically 25% to 50%
PM - Typically 60% to 90%
CO2 - Typically 5% to 15%
Fuel Consumption Reduction
5% to 15%
Flow Ratings
Nonox emulsion combustion units scale from 25GPH to 2000GPH and upward.
Nonox Emulsion Combustion Units improve your bottom line through reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance, and opening the window to Carbon Credits in countries that have signed and ratified the Kyoto Treaty.
2 Cycle
4 Cycle
High, Medium & Low Speed
Fuel Types
Heavy Fuel Oil ( #4, #5, #6 )
Nonox compact emulsion units install in your engine room requiring no modifications to your power plant, needing only a power source and a potable water source up to 20% of your hourly burn rate. In most cases, installation can be achieved with little or no downtime.

Nonox Emulsion Fuel System for Boilers Nonox Emulsion Fuel System for Boilers
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