NONOX Ltd: emulsion fuel with no surfactants

About Nonox, LTD.

Eric Cottell Senior, recipient of more than 250 patents discovered and documented the phenomenon of micro-explosions during the seventies which translated to fuel savings as verified by such agencies as the D.O.E. and the E.P.A. in the United States. Eric Cottell Jr. working with his father & company for many years expanded on his father's work and developed a comprehensive emulsion fuel system beginning the patent process in 2005. U.S. Patents pending with all claims were granted in the spring of 2011.


U. S. Patent 7934474 B2 U. S. Patent 7930998 B2

Products include licensing of the emulsion fuel technology to discreet clients for their own use and branding, and manufacture and implementation of water-in-oil emulsion fuel systems for mobile and stationary diesel engines and industrial boilers resulting in significant fuel savings along with drastically reduced NOx and other emissions.

Offices and Laboratories are located in Nassau, BAH and Venice, FL with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Edinburg, VA.

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