NONOX Ltd: emulsion fuel with no surfactants

Emulsion Fuel System Technology

Nonox Ltd, a pioneer in emulsion fuel technology for more than a half century is the licensor and manufacturer of the unique "emulsion combustion unit" (ECU) which produces an on-the-spot, water-in-oil emulsion fuel that reduces NOx, black carbon/soot and other air pollutants concurrent with significantly reducing fuel consumption. Nonox is a simple patented emulsion fuel system, which produces a water-in-oil emulsion fuel that requires no surfactants, chemical additives nor special storage.

The push for so called green initiatives to reduce NOx, black carbon/soot and other pollutants related to industrial boilers and diesel engines, as examples, while desirable has a significant non-recoverable cost in most cases. Nonox on-the-spot emulsion fuel system reduces NOx and black carbon/soot emissions from boilers and diesel engines with their attendant fines and pays for itself while generating a continuing, escalating ROI through both the use of lower cost regular fuel and reduced fuel consumption.

Nonox marine users of bunker emulsion fuel systems also ensure compliance with the "International Treaty for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL)", thereby avoiding excessive port fees, delays and fines while at the same time on large ships saving many tons of fuel per day.

"The reduction of fuel consumption per day (with ECU emulsifier) is amounting to, as per Em flow meter = 1.77 Metric Tons."
Capt. Vijay Kumar
Cleaner boiler tubes, economizers and diesel engines add to increased efficiency and lower maintenance costs. MARPOL compliance and fuel savings, notwithstanding, a major Nonox shipping client CEO expressed his thoughts during an international forum: "Concern for the environment is not only good for our planet; it is good for business and for our customers. The shipping and logistics industry must continue to cut CO2, SOx and NOx emissions; curb invasive species in ballast water; focus on maritime safety particularly in environmentally sensitive sea areas and reduce energy consumption in land based assets such as ocean terminals."

Nonox emulsion fuel system technology maintains high performance! The most common type of water in oil emulsion fuel used today is produced at the oil terminal using chemical emulsification/stabilization and delivered to the user as a fuel usually at a cost greater than oil alone. Although effective for NOx reduction and removing other pollutants, the altered surface tension of the fuel in order to chemically stabilize, inhibits the micro-explosion phenomenon and does not produce as much energy or offer the fuel savings benefits of the un-stabilized emulsion fuel product produced by Nonox. The chemically stabilized product also presents challenges of logistics and danger of separation during storage.

NONOX Ltd: emulsion fuel system with no surfactants
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