NONOX Ltd: emulsion fuel with no surfactants

How to Buy Nonox


Nonox licensees are going businesses with healthy balance sheets and breadth of complimentary products and services. They may be users, distributors and/or market the Nonox Emulsion Fuel System Technology under their own brand within their prescribed sectors.


Nonox, leases the Emulsion Fuel System (ECU) to the user/client on a monthly or quarterly basis according to agreed-upon terms.


The Emulsion Fuel System (ECU) is purchased outright by the client user. The prices are dependent upon the models needed to accommodate the required fuel flows.

Reference: Nonox Emulsion Fuel Technology U.S. Patents U. S. Patent 7934474 B2 and U. S. Patent 7930998 B2 all claims granted.

Ranora House, Nassau, Bahamas

Nonox Contacts

International Headquarters and Laboratory
Ranora House
No. 5, West Hill Street.
P.O. Box N8011
Nassau, Bahamas.
Eric Cottell
Bahamas: 242-356-5085
International: 954-495-8814
U.S. Offices and Manufacturing
Wholesome Energy
986 South Ox Road
Edinburg Va 22824
Nathan Pence -- Sales --
Wes Pence -- Installation --
Chris Litten -- Fabrication --